Scandinavian Kitchen Review

Nordic Intelligence ventures into Scandinavian Kitchen, a London-based distributor of Scandinavian wares and the home of a cafe.

Scandinavian Kitchen sells a variety of Nordic wares for expats based in London, including favourites such as salted liquorice. It is based on Great Titchfield Street, which is one of the streets adjacent to Oxford Street. It is a four to five minute walk if you start at the base of Great Titchfield on Oxford Street

The company – which was started by a Swedish-Danish duo – is genuinely Nordic, and the wide variety of goods on offer at the cafe are a testament to the connectedness the founders clearly have with their homelands.

There are a number of flags and pieces of memorabilia dotted around, and it is styled in a Nordic manner, with wooden chairs and a minimalist feel to it.

During the week most of the customers are British or international, while the weekend crowd seems more Nordic, with many families with young children congregating at the time of our visit.

On their menu is a ‘smorgasbord’ where you can choose three dishes for £6, and these include offerings such as smoked salmon and dill on dark rye and mackerel and apple on rye.

I ordered three for £6 and really enjoyed two however the third was not to my taste, it was egg mayonnaise and tomato.

Overall the food is very good, largely Nordic wares on rye bread which offer a nice alternative to the sandwich outlets in the surrounding streets.

It is on my list of places to go when I want to eat some ‘comfort food’ with my other favourites including the Bagel shop on Brick Lane.

I enjoy coming to Scandinavian Kitchen as it is a relaxed place where the staff do not pressurise you to leave after you have finished your coffee and where the food is good.

It offers a more cosy feel than the corporate chains that dot Oxford Street and it is somewhere where I often spend many evenings plotting my next move in my life.

The staff working there also look less-oppressed than their counterparts in other cafes and the group also has a busy social media presence with a blog, Facebook page and Twitter that are all regularly updated.

It is certainly worth a visit for Nordics in London as well as those looking for bohemian-themed cafe in addition to its solid shop.

It’s also an interesting place to meet someone for a business coffee and you will probably gain points for finding somewhere off the beaten track.

It is one of my favourite cafes in London and is a particularly good choice if you want somewhere that will not be too loud to have a personal chat with someone.

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