Sweden Rich list part 2

Our list continues as we look at the wealthiest Swedes on planet earth.

6. Dan Olsson

OIsson is the biggest shareholder in shipping group Stena Sphere, which he inherited from his father Sten who started the business in 1939.

The company is split into several areas, with a ferry business operating 22 routes in Europe, a bulk shipping arm and an offshore drilling division.

There is also an investment group ‘Stena Adactum’ with holdings in a diverse range of Swedish businesses and a property division which owns over 24,000 homes in Sweden. Olsson himself is worth £3.3 billion.

7. Finn Rausing

Another member of the Rausing family is Finn, the brother of Kirsten and Jorn and the son of Gad Rausing. A secretive billionaire, he is said to be worth approximately £3.2 billion.

8. Kirsten Rausing

Another major shareholder in the Tetra Pak group from the Rausing family, Kirsten is the sister of Jorn and Finn.

9. Bertil Hult

A self-made man, Hult is the founder of language learning giant EF Education First. Suffering from dyslexia, Hult dropped out of school and then university before teaching himself English, he concluded that a programme of learning based around being immersed in a language would be a successful model for the business he was to eventually found.

He is a Swiss resident and helps to organise the ‘Hult prize’ in which a million dollars is awarded to someone that finds a solution to a pressing social problem.

10. Fredrik Paulsen

Paulsen inherited the Ferring Pharmaceuticals business from his father Fredrik Paulsen senior.

Its products include Testim, a treatment for men with low testosterone and Firmagon, a prostate cancer drug.

Paulsen junior helped oversee the expansion of his father’s company into an international operation, with activities in over 50 countries.

He has a diverse set of interests which include the island of South Georgia by the Falkland Islands, where he helped to set up a wildlife trust. He is also a donor for cultural projects relating to the Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan, where he has funded the construction of a cultural centre.

He is a Swiss resident and is worth approximately £3.26 billion.

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