The Vikings are coming! – Viking Global Investors

Thankfully modern Scandinavians in search of riches no longer have to plunder Europe in search of their wealth.

As mentioned in our previous feature, the Nordic region is home to a surprisingly high number of hedge funds. One of the biggest in the world is not a Nordic-domiciled fund but given its management team it surely deserves coverage on Nordic Intelligence.

The menacingly-named Viking Global Investors is the tenth-largest fund in the world, with an incredible £18.15 billion under management.

The fund manager Andreas Halvorsen has one of the most impressive backgrounds for a finance whiz. He is a former member of special forces team Marinejegerkommandoen, the Norwegian equivalent of the US Navy Seals.

After a stint in the army he studied at the Stanford Business School in California and entered the hedge-fund industry under Julian Robertson, the founder of the Tiger Fund which spawned other proteges such as Stephen Mandel, David Goel and Paul Touradji.

One of the highest-paid fund managers in the world, he runs the fund from Connecticut, with his fund returning an impressive 13 per cent last year. The fourth-richest man in Norway, he keeps a low profile and tends to make few interviews.

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