Nordic rich list

We can now take a look at who the wealthiest people in the Nordic region are.

Having previously written on the wealthiest man in Finland and the richest man in Iceland we can now take a look at the wealthiest people in the Nordics. The top 10 wealthiest people from the region is entirely made up of Danish, Norwegian and Swedish businesspeople.

1. Stefan Persson (Swedish)

The Swedish billionaire is far and away the wealthiest man from the Nordics, being the 28th richest man in the world and an impressive £19 billion to call his own.

The son of founder of the H&M retail behemoth, he is the chairman of the company. He owns some of the most expensive property in the world, with much of Oxford Street owned by the 67 year old.

2. Hans Rausing (Swedish)

The only other Nordic businessperson to stand in the top 100 wealthiest people on earth, Rausing inherited the Tetra Pak business from his father Ruben.

Said to be worth £8.5 billion, he is based in the UK where he is well-known for the tragedy that affected his son, who was addicted to hard drugs and whose wife died of an overdose.

3. Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen (Danish)

The richest man in Denmark – said to be worth approximately £6.3 billion – Kristiansen inherited one of the world’s most-loved brands from his grandfather, the founder of toy legend Lego.

In recent years the company has expanded into a variety of areas including videogames and films and remains the best-known Danish company in the world. He owns 75 per cent of the group.

4. Melker Schorling (Sweden)

Worth £4.1 billion, Schorling worked as the CEO of security giant Securitas where he used the proceeds from the role to build up a family fortune through investment group Melker Schorling.

He made a series of canny investments in many of the biggest groups in the company, with major investments in a number of Swedish manufacturing plays. In addition to his equity portfolio he is said to be one of the biggest private landowner in Sweden.

5. Anders Holch Povlsen (Danish)

Worth £3.6 billion, Povlsen inherited the Bestseller fashion brand from his parents. One of the largest landowners in Scotland, where he has purchased a number of luxury estates, he also holds a significant stake in online retailer ASOS.

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