King Digital – A Swedish success story

While King is not an exclusively Swedish story the company has many of its deepest roots in the Nordic powerhouse.

If you are not familiar with King Digital then it is likely that you may be familiar with the company that made it its fortune – Candy Crush.

The deceptively addictive puzzle title was only released in 2012 but has now become the most popular videogame on Facebook, boasting an incredible 46 million users.

The company makes money from the game through in-store app purchases, which to date have stood at a staggering £1 billion.

It launched its IPO last March, valuing the group at $7 billion (£4.4 billion). The shares have since cooled, however it is still worth an impressive £3 billion, not bad for a mobile games company! King was originally headquartered in Stockholm, the home of a number of tech startups.

The masterminds behind the company are Italian Ricardo Zacconi and British entrepreneur Melvyn Morris, who founded the company together with a team that included Swedish team member Sebastian Knutsson, the chief creative officer of the company. Meanwhile Zacconi is the CEO while Morris is the chairman of the group.

Other team members of the international group included Patrick Stynme, Thomas Hartwig and Lars Markgren.

The staggering growth in sales of the company was due to the addictive nature of its games, which encourage players to make regular in-game purchases to improve the playing experience, similar in nature to another mobile gaming phenomenon Clash of Clans.

While the group itself is not a solely Swedish outfit the company has strong roots in the nation and half of its key founders emanated from there. I believe it would be only fair to include the company on Nordic Intelligence.

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