Tiger becomes Flying Tiger Copenhagen

Danish retailer Tiger is to change its name to Flying Tiger Copenhagen.


The Danish company said that the change in name was part of a “gradual global rebrand designed to consolidate the brand internationally and highlight its Danish heritage”. Tiger launched its first outlets in the UK in 2005.

Global brand director Tina Schwarz said that the company “Has evolved in many ways.”

“We needed our name and logo to evolve with us. When you walk through our stores you will see a surprising combination of things, some being functional, some being really quirky and we believe that our new name, Flying Tiger Copenhagen, better illustrates our wish to inspire people to try new things and to give our customers a fun shopping experience.”

In an interview with Nordic Intelligence, Kate Methuen-Ley, the UK director for Flying Tiger Copenhagen Wales and West explained the reasoning behind the name change.

“The new name will help the company to emphasise its Danishness as we are very proud of the brand’s Danish heritage,” she said.

“It is a great time to be a Danish company in the UK as there is a huge amount of interest from British people  in Danish culture, art and business and the recent surge of fascination in Denmark can only help the brand.”

Tiger is planning on launching 1500 stores worldwide by 2020, with 16 UK store openings planned by the end of the year. This week the first shop with the new name is set to open in Glasgow Scotland.

Tiger itself was founded in 1995 in Copenhagen, Denmark. With over 500 stores worldwide, it boasts of  81 British stores,



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