Nordic region’s biggest brands

We examine the biggest brands to emerge from the Nordics.

  1. IKEA

A worldwide brand that was built by Swedish entrepreneur Ingvar Kamprad, IKEA is synonymous with Sweden, particularly for many Brits for whom the company is an inevitable part of any house moving experience. The global giant employees a staggering 147,000 people and has developed a sophisticated method of guiding prospective customers around its stores. In 2005 there was a memorable riot at one of the company’s stores in Edmonton in North London

     2. H&M

Another retail giant, H&M — or Hennes & Mauritz to give it its full name —is one of the biggest retail brands in Europe. Employing over 132,000 people, its subsidiaries include fashion label Monki.

     3. Spotify

A relative newcomer, Spotify revolutionised the way that consumers use music. Whereas the traditional digital model was focused on purchasing individual tracks, Spotify allows users to stream an unlimited number of tracks in return for a monthly subscription. It was founded in 2006 in Stockholm.

     4. Skype

A pan-Nordic project, Skype was founded by one Swede and one Dane, with an Estonian development team. Skype changed the international calling market, allowing users worldwide to communicate for free using its technology and offering credit for sale to help monetise the business.  It was launched in 2003.

      5. Lego

A popular toy brand, Lego has remained close to its Danish roots, with its headquarters remaining in Billund in Denmark. Employing 14,000 people, Lego has recently made waves as a result of the success of its recent film, the suitable named The Lego Movie.


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