5 reasons Danish people are the happiest in the world

Denmark is a country with a lot to be happy about.

  1. Lego


It’s hard to be depressed in a country that has produced one of the world’s happiest brands. Headquartered in Billund, the company is famous worldwide for its range of toys.


    2. Danish pastries


Denmark has an impressive range of pastries that go far beyond what are traditionally sold overseas as the “Danish”. They were originally brought to the country by Austrian bakers. It is hard to be depressed in the midst of such delicious treats and it is worth visiting Denmark to access such food.


3. Tivoli Gardens


The existence of Tivoli Gardens is a testament to the Danish love for life. Based in the centre of Copenhagen, it is one of the world’s oldest funfairs. If you are feeling down, a visit to Tivoli should cheer you up.

4. Bicycles


Denmark is a country of cyclists. The capital, Copenhagen is built around accommodating lovers of two wheels and it is a common sight to see hordes of Danes on a night out ending the evening with a cycle ride. A hard day at the office is made better by a vigorous cycling session.


5. High minimum wage


Living in poverty is, perhaps unsurprisingly, a depressing experience. Worrying about food, rent and survival can sap the spirit of even the strongest people and concerns over the future unsurprisingly lead to depression in many people. With an effective minimum wage agreed by unions of 110 Danish Krone (£12), Denmark offers all workers a decent standard of living and stops people getting too down.

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