What is Nordic noir?

A peaceful region producing a surprisingly large number of frightening crime dramas.

Nordic noir aka Scandinavian noir is a genre of films, TV shows and books in crime. Popular TV shows that have reached worldwide acclaim include the likes of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Bridge.

Why are the Nordics – which are home to some of the most peaceful people on planet earth – so keen on violent crime dramas?

Arguably the anomie (the sense of emptiness and meaninglessness that can be produced from living in a rich country) that develops from such societies gives rise to a burning need for an escape from the relatively quiet lifestyle of a metropolitan Swede or Finn. A longing for violence, which can create a sense of excitement in a dull bourgeious lifestyle is something that seems to come to those that spend extended periods of time living in affluence.

For those with a wilder character, a life of forced quiet can give way to angry thoughts, and a thirst to escape. Nordic noir represents such a means for the visceral thrill hunter to elope into a word of vividness and excitement.


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