What is Nordic style?

Minimalism, which takes inspiration from nature

As one of theĀ hotbeds of fashion and design, the Nordic region gives birth to trends that are leading the way in everything from architecture to clothing.

But why is the Nordic such a hotbed of innovation in artistic endeavours?

There are a number of reasons. One is that the liberal and democratic nature of the region gives birth to a tendency towards acceptance of artists and creative professionals.

In more socially and economically repressive societies making a living as an artist or creative is bordering on the impossible, particularly in regions with high unemployment or economic difficulties.

Defining creativity and what inspires it is a challenging process as there are artists, film makers, writers and poets in every society in the world.

However some societies value certain interests and artistic projects more than others.

In some nations, rich in verbal expression, the art of poetry is valued whereas in other societies it is considered an amusing pastime of little social of cultural value.

A combination of a liberal culture with an advanced economy leads to a flowering of artistic expression as people living in the Nordics are able to pursue careers in such sectors as music and theatre without worrying about starving to death.

In addition, the so called “startup culture” of the Nordics also gives the area creative energy as people feel that they can commit to projects without having to worry about social disapproval.

Clearly, from music to art to fashion the Nordics are world leaders.


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