Why you should bring your girlfriend to Iceland

When bae wants to get away, consider the same country Jay Z took the world’s most famous singer to.

  1. The social media opportunities are off the chain.

From the moment you arrive Iceland will blow her away. The tastefully decorated airport is the first sign you are in a land of style and intrigue.

However from there a never ending smorgasbord of adventure presents itself.

From the Blue Lagoon to the black beaches, the museums to the helicopter rides, Iceland is a social media led extravaganza the likes of which few places can compete with.

Making others jelly is not just something a catering company can master.


2. You can go to the Blue Lagoon

There are a few moments in life when you wish you had put in those extra hours in the gym and stayed off the carbs.

The moments when you have to strip off into your swimwear in front of others can be awkward if you are more can’t fit then Cross Fit.

Despite that, the Blue Lagoon is world renowned for its beauty and charm and your girlfriend will be delighted at the chance to stare into the limitless skies while partaking in the warm waters.


3. Northern Lights

Few things are more romantic than staring at the mystery of light and life that is the Northern Lights. Tourists come from across the globe on Aurora Borealis hunting missions and few things will touch your girlfriend’s soul as much as gazing at the beautiful patchwork of light and love that is the Northern Lights.

4. Iceland is haunting… in a good way

The open fields, empty mountains and clear skies will remind you of a sobering fact. The life we live is short and hence Drake could be right. Yolo is a way of life that needs to be embraced.

The contact with our mortality and embrace with an ocean of emptiness could come in handy if you want to have a good holiday as that sense of fear could bring you closer.

If you want to keep bae happy, Iceland is worth a shot 🙂

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