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Why do British women want Danish sperm donors?

There have been a number of stories of late about the phenomenon of British women seeking out Danish sperm donors.

While some of the women use Denmark because it is a country which still allows anonymous sperm donors – a change in the law means that since 2005  British donors can be contacted. Whether or not it is a good idea for children to be born without having the knowledge of who their fathers are is another matter, but it is clear that the desperation of childless women in their 30s and 40s shows little signs of abating.

Many of the women that use the service have rather dubious reasons for seeking out Danish sperm donors. One woman remarks that the ‘Viking aspect has a certain appeal’ (it is not clear which part of the Viking’s historical legacy appeals, but presumably not the rape and murder).

Another woman is more frank, albeit extremely disturbing.  She said that she sought out a Danish donor as they are a ‘superior race and I want my child to be a part of that race’. It is worth wondering what her child will think when he searches for information on himself in future years, as she helpfully puts a photo of herself with her real name, not the sort of thing you would imagine you would do if you made a rather bizarre statement for bringing a child into the world.

It appears that regardless of the ethical dilemmas inherent in sperm donation and a seeming lack of focus on the rights of the child conceived through anonymous donors, the continued popularity of Danish donors will see little signs of abatement. As this chap quoted by The Telegraph remarks, ‘They’ve invaded us once by boat and now they’re doing it by sperm’.

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