Largest Nordic Companies

An examination of the Nordic businesses dominating the local and international landscape.

1. Statoil

One of the world’s biggest oil companies and the secret behind the immense wealth of Norway, it is no surprise that this company – in which the Norwegian government is the biggest shareholder – should be the largest company in the region.  A coveted position at this prestigious firm is highly sought-after by ambitious Norwegians.

2. Nordea

This Swedish banking powerhouse has a number of arms including a retail banking division, a corporate finance arm and a fund management business offering a number of different funds. It has around £220bn worth of assets under management.

3. Maersk

The legendary shipping company – probably the second-best known Danish brand – is an international behemoth with operations across the globe, with a particularly strong presence in Asia.  The company has stayed in the same family’s hands since its founding in 1904.

4. Volvo

Known as a byword for reliability, the Swedish car brand is particularly well-known for its trailblazing work in pioneering care safety measures. As well as its car division the group makes trucks, buses and equipment for the construction industry.

5. Ericsson

The telecoms heavyweight is based in Stockholm, employing over 110,000 people worldwide. Involved in everything from broadband services to new technologies such as IPTV netted an incredible £22bn of sales in 2014.

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