Interview with Cheap Monday

One of the Nordic region’s best known fashion brands, Nordic Intelligence recently spoke with global marketing director Nadia Kokni

Cheap Monday is a Swedish fashion brand started in 2000 by entrepreneurs Orjan Andersson and Adam Friberg. Acquired in 2008 by fashion giant H&M, it continues to enjoy a cult appeal for its minimalist offerings.

  1. Tell me about the history of Cheap Monday?

Our brand was started in 2004 by Örjan Andersson a man infamously passionate about denim. He saw an opportunity to bring newness and freshness to the market by bringing cool, fashionable product to the market at a great price – this was at a time when the super premium LA style denim brands were dominant, making a simple product increasingly unaffordable.

The very first Cheap Monday style called TIGHT is still at the heart of our brand, when it was created they were the tightest jeans on the market – it was truly disruptive. The skull logo was inspired by the Mexican day of the Dead festival and the brand sign off which is still used today is “Over My Dead Body”.  

The jeans were so popular that the following year, in 2005, we started to offer full collections. We became part of the H&M portfolio in 2009 and today have a flagship store on Carnaby Street in London and are available across the globe in over 3000 of the best boutiques and stores worldwide.

  1. Why do you think the brand is so popular worldwide

It’s definitely rooted in our bold youthful energy and strong proximity to music culture. We have quite a dark, nordic aesthetic that translates into exciting collections and great denim –  all at a great price. I think that these are the key components in speaking to our audience.

  1. Who do you see as your core customers?

Our consumer is someone that has a passionate and energy for creativity and culture. We don’t like to limit ourselves to a specific age or segment as we make jeans for all people.

We are the brand that you can go to for great denim basics as well as for more direction pieces and shapes. We can be worn by anyone who has the confidence to express their own style without compromise.

  1. How does your Swedish background influence the brand?

Swedish design is efficient, straight to the point, clean, modern, practical and often democratic. All these aspects are showing in our collections. Swedes also have a reputation for being particularly passionate and enamoured with denim and this is a very definite part of who we are too.

  1. Why do you think that Sweden is such a hotbed of fashion given its small size?

Sweden is a creative and rather innovative country by its nature, within music, tech, interior design or indeed fashion. The key to Sweden’s creative success is making what it creates relatable internationally through tailored communication and acute distribution. Sweden is small but looking outwards towards the rest of the world.

  1. What are your plans for the future?

This fall winter we celebrate our DNA fit TIGHT with a campaign called #tightalright…beyond that we have exciting things afoot – but you will have to watch this space!

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